Sarah MacReading is a Graphic Designer and Art Director based in Brooklyn. She is a Sr. Designer at Vice, working on internal and branded projects for digital and print. Available for freelance.

Working Not Working


— 2015-Present

Sr. Designer

— 2015
Visual Designer

— 2011-2014

Sr. Designer

— 2010

Martha Stewart
Jr. Art Director

— 2010-2011

Dolce Vita

— 2009

The Map Office
Design Intern

— 2009

Mike Perry
Design Intern

— 2008

Sony Music
Design Intern

— Ed.  2017

General Assembly
User Experience Design

— Ed.  2007-2010

School of Visual Arts
BFA, Graphic Design


— Art direction
— Branding & logo
— Digital advertising
— Editorial
— Exhibition & tradeshow
— Sketch & wireframe
— Iconography
— Illustration
— Infographic & data viz
— Presentation
— Print & digital book

More Work

— 2017
10 Best Cities for Partying
Memory Editing Technology
Bachelor Data Predictions

— 2016
Vagina Tattoo
Israeli Phone Cracking Tech
Golden Age of Drug Trafficking
Understanding the Iowa Caucus
Sharks 1
Sharks 2
How Metal is Your City?
Medical Marijuana
Opting Out of Fatherhood
States Vote for Marijuana
Weed Won the Election
Brutal Honesty
Vacation Guilt
We Almost Nuked the Moon
The Happiness Hormone
Revenge Porn
Is Flossing Bullshit?
The Anxious Brain
How Scared Should I Be?
Should I Be Scared of Never Retiring?
The True Cost of Malaria
How to Make Friends
Cute Drug Marketing
LGBTQ Seniors
Why is this Still a Thing?

— 2015
US Police Killings
This Year in Shootings
Grindr's Role in HIV Testing
Militarized Universities
North Korean Defectors
NFL Battle for Benefits 1
NFL Battle for Benefits 2
Trans Athletes